The Best Ball for Yoga!

yoga-mainYoga Best Ball™ is a new and innovative yoga product that can add excitement and variety to this powerful body-mind discipline, while delivering important health benefits for people of all ages.

Carefully researched, designed and manufactured, our Yoga Best Ball™ is the first stability ball designed for yoga. We have also developed a sample workout program that incorporates the Yoga Best Ball in a series of exercises on both the individual and class level.

Because it can be used by beginners, intermediate and advanced yoga students, Yoga Best Ball has wide appeal to this fast-growing market, which is now more than 20 million Americans, according to the “2012 Yoga in America Study.”

Many Americans are familiar with the benefits of using an inflatable stability ball, such as stronger core muscles, improved flexibility and better coordination. However, stability balls are underutilized in yoga because many people have difficulty balancing or incorporating the ball into their regular workouts.

A Video Demonstration of a Yoga Best Ball™ Workout The Yoga Best Ball™: Leading the Way!

Sample Positions

yoga-main2Our Yoga Best Ball can be used for the following types of positions during an individual’s practice:

  • Basic poses
  • Advanced poses
  • Seated poses
  • Standing poses
  • Plank poses
  • Twists
  • Abdominal strengthening poses
  • Side strengthening poses (oblique muscles)
  • Leg stretches for hamstrings and gluts
    • Heel raise/calf stretches
  • “Superman” progressions for lower back
  • Quadriceps stretches 

With its unique, patented features, Yoga Best Ball is a dramatic improvement over the traditional stability ball. It has eight resistance wings for added stability, while still rolling during workouts. Made from a new burst-resistant material, the Yoga Best Ball’s unique design allows users to perform their asana or poses more effectively than on other stability balls.

Yoga Best Ball is ideal for use in any home environment, as well as fitness centers, gyms and other locations. With no need for a stability ball rack, it requires less space in a room. In addition, Yoga Best Ball can be used as a permanent or occasional desk chair, allowing users to strengthen their core muscles while they work.

When sold in retail stores, online or on television, Yoga Best Ball package will include a DVD that demonstrates how to use this fitness product, along with yoga workout routines for beginner, intermediate and advanced users. The package also has a foot pump and adapter for convenient inflation.

Yoga Best Ball product offers a powerful combination of health and fitness benefits with great appeal to the yoga practitioners at all levels. 

Improving Health and Well-Being

Yoga Best Ball is designed to promote muscle strength, flexibility and balance in users of all ages, including:

  • Women seeking to strengthen their core muscles
  • Seniors seeking greater flexibility and better balance
  • Athletes developing a well-rounded training routine
  • “Weekend warriors” with nagging muscle or joint injuries
  • Aging Baby Boomers seeking low-impact workout routines
  • Individuals of any age who are using yoga poses in a physical therapy rehabilitation program

When incorporated into a regular yoga practice, our Yoga Best Ball provides significant ongoing health benefits, such as improvements in the cardiovascular system, flexibility and balance.