An Innovative Product for Regaining and Maintaining Function

rehab-mainBest Ball™ is a new and innovative rehabilitation product that can increase the benefits of standard stability ball and other functional exercise while reducing the potential for adverse effects and increasing the confidence and enjoyment of the patient during each training session.

Over five years of research and development in consultation with engineers and biomechanists, involving multiple concrete and virtual prototypes allowed the first true evolution of the stability ball since its development over half a century ago. In the physical therapy clinic where it has been piloted, it has become the functional exercise of choice for both the therapists and patients. The overwhelming selection of Best Ball in these facilities is not a matter of chance or novelty, it is based on the recognized fact that Best Ball provides a safe and inherently more effective environment for improving core and appendicular muscle strength, flexibility and range of motion, static and dynamic balance, and motor unit recruitment and coordination.

rehab-main2Thanks to the stability ball’s long history as a rehabilitative tool, there are countless existing exercises already available to the therapist. To aid the clinicians using BestBall, we have categorized these exercises by targeted musculoskeletal structure and rehabilitative level (acute, sub-acute, long term). With its unique, patented features, our Best Ball is a dramatic improvement over the traditional stability ball. The patented Best Ball has eight resistance wings for added stability, while still rolling during workouts. Made from a new burst-resistant material, Best Ball’s unique design allows patients to perform their exercises more effectively than on other stability balls and increase exercise intensity and the efficacy of the rehabilitative process.

Best Ball is not only ideally suited for use in the clinic during formal sessions, it can be used during long-term follow-up training at home or in wellness centers. Thanks to its unique design it requires no racks or stands for function or storage and it can be easily used as a permanent or occasional desk chair, allowing users to strengthen their core muscles once they return to work and their normal daily routines.

Rehabilitation and Functional Training

Arguably the most effective modality used during the rehabilitation process, whether that process is designed to address injury or disease, is exercise; and one of the most commonly employed tools for improving core stability and functionality is the stability ball. is one of the nation’s most pressing health problems, and an increasing concern for people of all ages. Fortunately, healthy lifestyle habits, including an increase in regular physical activity such as , can help reduce chronic health risks and improve overall well-being.

Our Best Ball is designed to promote neuromuscular function, range of motion, aerobic fitness and balance in diverse patient populations dealing with:

  • Musculoskeletal injury
  • Neuromuscular disease
  • Cardiovascular incident
  • Metabolic disease
  • Prolonged bed rest
  • Age-related declines
  • Recovery from surgery

When incorporated into a sound rehabilitative program, our Best Ball constitutes a more effective and safer rehabilitative tool than standard stability balls or other systems that prevent ball movement and therefore work in opposition to the very nature of stability ball training.

Sample Positions

Our Best Ball can be used for the following types of positions during an individual’s practice:

  • Abdominal crunches
  • Side crunches and pendulums
  • Jacknifes
  • Rollouts
  • Plank poses
  • Twists
  • Dips and push-ups
  • Dumbell and band based upper and lower body exercises
  • Hamstrings curls
  • Knee tucks
  • “Superman” progressions for lower back
  • Stretches targeting all the joints of the body

Executive Function

Best Ball Basic ConceptDuring periods of inactivity resulting from injury or disease, executive function – the ability to conceptually control movement as you interact with challenges in your physical environment– show significant levels of decline.

Best Ball promotes executive function by allowing patients to “exercise” their cognitive skills such as planning, strategizing, dealing with change and remembering details, while strengthening their physical fitness during a workout. In this way, our product provides users with a truly interactive fitness and motor learning-based environment.

The wings use the simple concept of increasing resistance by increasing grade, inherent in many exercise tests and training devices. (e.g., treadmill, elliptical, etc.).

The increased protrusion of the resistance wings as they radiate upward from the base of the ball provides a progressively increased resistance.

This unique patented structure provides a number of mechanical advantages exclusive to the Best Ball. When it rolls further and further from its central base, the resistance wings try to drive the ball back to its resting position. This reduces the potential for the ball to roll away during the performance of the exercise, while still allowing the ball to roll – a key quality for all stability balls.

Best Ball DiagramThe Best Ball’s innovative design provides four important benefits for practitioners:

1) It allows users at all levels to use a ball with more confidence and reduced concerns about balance. This means that individuals who had previously avoided stability balls due to a perceived concern or a previous bad experience now have a proven tool for increasing core stability, flexibility and balance.

2) It removes the need to buy expensive bases or racks to store the ball and prevent it from rolling.

3) It allows the Best Ball to be used in office, home, or other settings as an optional seating device.

Best Ball Diagram4) It provides increased stability as the Best Ball rolls, increasing the level of exercise intensity for individual workouts, enhancing the long-term benefit of the Best Ball over other stability balls or non-rolling devices.

Another important improvement found only in the Best Ball is that the wings add increased mass to the bottom of the product, further increasing its stability and ensuring that the ball always “wants to” return to its base.

The wings also increase resistance as the practitioner moves through the range of motion of an exercise. That raises the intensity of the exercise, providing a greater benefit — especially in isolated joint exercises such as leg curls, or arm pushups.

For all these reasons, Best Ball provides an unsurpassed fitness experience — not available with any other product — with ongoing health benefits to all patient populations.