An Innovative Fitness Product With Excellent Mass Market Potential

fitness-mainCarefully researched, designed and manufactured, Best Ball™ is ideally positioned to be a market leader in a proven product category.

With a number of unique, patented features, Best Ball is a dramatic improvement over the traditional stability ball, which can be found in virtually every gym and fitness center, as well as in home workout rooms. Many people are familiar with the benefits of exercise done on an inflatable ball, such as stronger core muscles, improved flexibility and better coordination.  However, stability balls are underutilized because many users have difficulty balancing themselves on the ball.

The patented Best Ball has eight resistance wings for added stability, so the user can feel comfortable knowing the ball will be stable while rolling during workouts. The wings also provide progressive levels of resistance so users can keep on improving their fitness, thus extending the ongoing value of Best Ball. Made from a new burst-resistant material, Best Ball’s unique design also allows users to exercise more effectively than on other stability balls. See the video below for a better understanding.

As a lifestyle product, Best Ball is ideal for use in any home environment, as well as fitness centers, gyms and other locations. With no need for a stability ball rack, it requires less space in a room. In addition, Best Ball can be used as a permanent or occasional desk chair, allowing users to strengthen their core muscles while they work.

A Video Demonstration of the Best Ball™ used for Fitness!

Sample Exercises

fitness-more2To show the variety of fitness activities you can enjoy with Best Ball, we have developed sample workout programs with the following activities:

  • Crunches (abs/middle muscles)
  • Side crunches/oblique muscles, (“love handles”)
  • Pushups with hands on ball, (triceps and chest muscles)
  • Pushups with feet on ball, (chest muscles)
  • Leg curls, (hamstrings and gluts)
  • Heel raise, (calf muscles)
  • Superman progressions, (lower back)
  • Quadriceps, (front thigh muscles)

The wings also increase resistance as the user moves through the range of motion of an exercise. That raises the intensity of the exercise, providing a greater benefit — especially in isolated joint exercises such as leg curls, or arm pushups.

For all these reasons, Best Ball provides an unsurpassed fitness experience — not available with any other product — with ongoing health benefits to the user.