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Best Ball Stability Ball Optimizes Fitness/Yoga/Wellness Programs

Best Ball comes complete with a sample workout program that provides an effective training system applicable to individual and class environments including one of the foremost exercise interventions in the world, yoga. The Best Ball training system offers incremental training programs that can safely maxi- mize benefits to beginner, intermediate and advanced users alike.

“Best Ball is equipped with features that make it superior to competing products,” said Dr. Joseph Signorile, Ph.D., professor of exercise physiology at the University of Miami, who developed Best Ball with Concept One.”Uniquely designed to gradually build resistance throughout each exercise, it adds excitement and variety while substantially increasing health benefits for users of all ages.”

Traditional stability balls are used to strengthen muscles, improve flexibility and increase coordination. However, they are often underutilized because many people have difficulty balancing on the ball or incorporating it into regular workouts. Best Ball features eight air-filled resistance wings that add stability, while still letting the ball roll during workouts. Due to its new, environmentally-friendly material, it maintains wing structure to allow the performance of poses more effectively while reducing balance concerns.

Because the wings increase resistance as the ball rolls, exercise intensity increases throughout each movement and the benefits from exercises that isolate specific joints and muscles, such as leg curls, crunches, and arm push-ups can be maximized.

Best Ball is designed for use in any home or office environment, as well as fitness centers, gyms, and rehab facilities. Because it doesn’t use expensive ball racks, storage space requirements are minimal. Best Ball can also be used as a permanent or occasional desk chair, allowing users to strengthen core muscles while working.

Now available on www.BestBallFitness.com and Amazon.com, Best Ball includes an instructional DVD along with workout routines for all levels, as well as a foot pump and adapter for easy inflation.

“Obesity is one of the nation’s most pressing health issues and an increasing concern for people of all ages,” says Dr. Signorile.”Best Ball is designed to help pro- mote healthy body composition, muscle strength, flexibility, and balance, while increasing energy expenditure through its progressive interval training programs.”

Best Ball uses its carefully-designed training routines to benefit everyone from “weekend warriors” with nagging injuries to aging Baby Boomers seeking low-im- pact workout routines. When used regularly, Best Ball provides significant ongoing health benefits to the neuromuscular, musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems.